New Concept of War

“I do not know how the third world war will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the fourth... rocks.” Albert Einstein said. The nuclear age might have become old school; the regulations have made the nuclear attack become nearly impossible. Phrases, the third world war will be fought by internet. Obviously, cyberspace doesn’t only create the threats to personal privacy, but also the national security.  In other hand, military need more people who “use brain” than those people who can fight. Dean Wilson’s “Japanese parliament is under cyber attack” shows that the new threat that is not limited by sea, land or air domain. A hacker can be anywhere and anytime to “attack” a country. As Wilson states “China is once again the primary suspect for these latest attacks on the Japanese parliament, but it is also possible that the China-based server was remotely controlled from a different country. China has been in the spotlight recently for the alleged hacking of US satellites, but it has denied any involvement” (Wilson 1).The hacker can be “irresponsible”, since it is hard to defense and nobody knows who did it; civilian or government? No offensive, Chinese people have the talent to be hackers, they are good at finding loopholes (I believe I inherit the ability as well lol). These nerds don’t need a strong finical background to hack an overseas governmental organization in their base, internet cafe. Cyber-attack becomes the current trend that every single country has to develop it. The article “Iran says Duqu malware under 'control'” shows that malware become the new race between the countries, as it says “The New York Times reported in January that US and Israeli intelligence services collaborated to develop the computer worm to sabotage Iran's efforts to make a nuclear bomb” (physorg.com). Unfortunately, cyberspace is not just a simulation anymore, it has become reality that even Germany has emergency management for cyber-attack “Information warfare is increasingly a subject for the here and now, rather than the cinema and at this year's crisis management exercises, the German government is showing that they take it very seriously” (Hein 1). We should be aware of relying too much on the technology, through malware software could go down anytime. The Ebomb, electromagnetic pulse (sometimes abbreviated EMP) can break any electric device in a wide range. It might be the last resort to attack the cyber attack. Then Albert Einstein’s prediction will become true.

Japanese parliament is under cyber attack

Germany runs cyber-attack crisis management exercise

Iran says Duqu malware under 'control'


Ds106 Web

Yahoo Answer is one of my favorite sites. Any kind of question can be ask and found on the site. No sources required for answering the questions and everybody who has Yahoo account can ask or answer the questions on the site.Yahoo Answers is my first stop before I start writing essays, then Wikipedia. The answers can be very narrow and offensive, so I would check the US, Japan and Taiwan's Yahoo Answer, since I can find different values for the same subject.

Ds106 Video

Doraemon is one of my favorite cartoons/ manga. It is a Japanese animation that has been popular across Asia for decades; it has been even loved in those anti-Japanese countries. The storyline is about that the main character who is not good at sports, stupid, being bulleted by peers. However, he has a cat robot that comes from the future would always help him out through the amazing tools. 

Recently, Toyota uses the storyline for its commercial. It is interesting that the director "predict" what will happen when these characters grow up. Those national and international stars appear in the commercial; the cat robot, Doraemon, was acted by
Jean Reno. 


Ds106 Visual

Cool huh?
Visual illusion, we can even have it without alcohol or drug. It proves the phrase
"Seeing is not believing"

DS106 Design

I like designing pretty much, especially when I am bored. I assert that I have had ADD during a lecture. From primary school to middle school, I had done nothing during the classes but designing and daydreaming, but since high school, I slept instead. Due to these lame lectures I designed a lot of things that were actually invented by others. When I saw these products in reality, I didn’t know I should be happy or not. For example, I thought about a vending machine with screen and drew it out during a boring middle school class. After several years I saw "my design" was invented in Japan. I was like "coooooooool" instead of kicking the machine. This year, they came out with a "100% screen" vending machine.

Recently, I have an idea for karaoke machine. Due to the memory space, most videos don’t relate to the music in a karaoke place. (Only some popular songs with their original music videos) I found that was annoying. So I thought that if they use the same concept of MIDI (it doesn’t require much memory space because the file is actually notes/ signals) to the visual, that will be awesome. Karaoke songs are mostly MIDI files, which don’t 100% sound like the original songs, but similar. Videos can be the same thing like an electronic watch; it can be a note for a video that directs the small spots and certain colors. It will be a little croppy, but still similar. They can develop the technology of the LED advertising board for a karaoke video.

Audio DS106

"The Adventures of Raindance Maggie", by Red Hot Chili Pepper, was released in 2011. The popularity of RHCP has been pretty high, since RHCP has tended toward more main stream recently.
In this single, RHCP doesn’t lose its style, and the song is not too extreme as well. It had been played a lot on the radio since it was released.    

After hearing this new single, I felt a little familiar with the bass line. It sounded like the guitar in the White Stripes’ "Seven Nation Army". The sound was released about 4 years ago.
So, I started to mash up the songs, I put the bass of "The Adventures of Raindance Maggie" on "Seven Nation Army". I didn’t have to change the pitch and it doesn’t sound bad. Since the White Stripes doesn’t emphasize its bass and RHCP is famous for Flea’s bass, both sounds match to each other.   

RHCP + The White Stripes


We Are All Artists

    In Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists", He believes that every single person in the world is artist, and creativity is not inherited.
    Yes, I do agree with Timmmmyboy. I believe everyone has creativity, but different sections. Everything could be an art, when somebody appreciates it. Not only music, but also other things, such as playing sports; when we amazed by Michel Jordan’s skills. Sometimes, even a “bad” thing could be an art as well, for example, the strategy of attacking Pearl Harbor; it killed thousands of innocent Americans on a peaceful island, but the tactic had been planned carefully for years that can be an “art” on military strategy.

    Every single one on the earth should explore his/ her talent(s), when we are all artists!! As long as using your talent on a good way, it would definitely help this world become a better place and variety.